21 July 2017

Noida ERP Companies

Noida ERP Companies

Todays across all Noida ERP Companies, industries, and organization are realizing the critical requirement of enterprise data analysis functions in achieving business outcomes to enhance business volume.  ERP Companies in India stay up to and competitive, companies of all industries must have clear perceptibility, manufacturing and procurement and supply chains, drive down costs, design relevant demanding products and get their products to the market faster and to achieve this must federal services, sales and marketing as well as accounting, distribution, manufacturing, management and payroll.

Noida ERP Companies must aim to capture and analyze organization enterprise data in present time to get business intelligence that helps in taking smart business decisions.

S3infotech Approach:

ERP implementation is driven by unique business goals and accent user training, education and involvement. While system implementation, S3infotech team experts will provides you help in well organizing and planning, providing regular training, prototype functional and design areas of your business implementation process changes and complete timely conversions and working closely with your key people, while achieving the desired results.

  • Understand the business of client
  • Study viability of solution
  • Plan delivery milestones
  • Exception Supports
  • Understand Clients pain areas
  • Visualize future enhancement

3 May 2017

Impact of GST on Retail Sector in India


Impact of GST on Retail Sector in India

Impact of GST on Retail Sector in India

Impact of GST on retail sector is going to be positive as it will take down total indirect taxes, increase supply chain efficiently and facilitate unified input tax credit. After implementation of GST, state boundaries will be applicable form taxation and documentation point of view. Waning state boundaries will decrease the complexity for retailers and increase the circulation reach as well as efficiency.

The goods and services tax (GST) is one of the main tax reorganization that the country is about to witness. Currently, goods are accountable to various taxes/duties such as countervailing duty (CVD), basic customs duty (BCD), central excise duty on manufacture, special additional duty (SAD) on import, value-added tax on intra-state sale, central sales tax on inter-state sale, entry tax on entry of goods into local area, etc. and services are accountable to service tax. All of the above taxes and duties except BCD would be subsumed under GST.

Good and Services Tax(GST) is a comprehensive tax lived on manufacture, sale and consumption of goods and services at national level. Good and Services Tax (GST) is set to roll out in India with effect from April 1st, 2017.  Indian retail industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the world.

GST will benefits 3 sectors the mostly: Retail and consumer companies, FMCG(Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) or consumer packaged goods (CPG)) and logistics business. In the retail sector, its implementation will mean a seamless integration of goods and services transaction across the states. It will gives benefit the value chain of different stages.

GST would have significant impact on the way businesses operate and one of the sector which would be significantly impacted by GST is the retail sector.

24 April 2017

What is ERP Companies in India?

ERP Companies in India

ERP Companies in India

ERP is Enterprises Resource Planning, ERP Companies in India contributes to business success and used by all the following departments:

  • Accounting
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing

Have you ever asked yourself before using any ERP software?

  1. Is there a way to improve our inefficient process?
  2. Can we grow without growing pains?
  3. Will the business remain viable or successful in the long term?

     1Is there a way to improve our inefficient process?

  • Tedious manual processes
  • Duplication of efforts
  • Multiple system
  1. Can we grow without growing pains?
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Over work
  • No time
  1. Will the business remain viable or successful in the long term?
  • Attract new/bigger customers
  • What happens if your key resource leave?
  • Access to more money
  • Attract investors/ exist strategy

How can ERP help with growth

  • Compliance
  • Single source of truth
  • Satisfied customers

How can ERP help with long term viability?

  •  Agility and adoptability to changing markets.
  • Systems can scale more easily than people.
  • More knowledge from people memories into systems.
  • Easier access to money.

So why not ERP?

ERP Companies

ERP Companies

Still not convinced?

 ERP Companies in India

  • Can save time & increase efficiencies
  • Different financing options
  • Leasing
  • Clouds offering

What to do next?

Enterprises Resource Planning

Enterprises Resource Planning

  • Think about your current processes – list them out on paper
  • List all of the systems you currently use
  • Outline where you want your business to be in the future
  • Identify gaps between where you are and where you want to be.



24 April 2017

ERP for manufacturing company in India

ERP for manufacturing company in India

ERP for manufacturing company in Indiav


ERP for manufacturing company in India is a complete package that gives excellent support to the manufacturers dealing in various company. S3infotech Manufacturing ERP ever scattering and best era that forcing every vertical to update their all ways to remove future risks and disasters. ERP Solutions is mainly designed to tackle the challenges of gaining customers’ requirements, control on costs, ensure effective management for supplier and searching new clients for company growth.

S3infotech while deciding the available products in warehouses and daily volume of manufacturing, ERP for manufacturing company in India will assist the client a reverse planning to meet the deadline of done product.

ERP for manufacturing product ensure that entrepreneur necessity manage a minimum stock level and with help of alerts he should be in a positions to arrange the required substantial just in time to ensure uninterrupted process. Solution has a strange material management system with n level of support and warnings systems.

Manufacturing ERP solution for multiple location sales, distribution & manufacturing business to manage their entire downstream supply chains. The insecurely coupled solution helps you to manage your chain network and take well-versed decisions from anywhere with complete visibility on your Business.

Key Features:

  • Sales & Distribution Management
  • Quality Control Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Warehouse Management
  • CRM
  • Procurement Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Retail Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Production Management
  • Payroll Management

20 April 2017

S3infotech Best Data Integration Company


Data Integration Companies in Noida

Data Integration Companies in Noida

Data integration is the process of combining data from many different sources into an application. You need to deliver the right data in the right format at the right time frame to fuel great analytics and business processes. S3infotech serving best data integration services.

A data integration company project usually involves the following steps:

  • Data integration company working on retrieving data from all its locations, whether that are on in the clouds or on premises or some combination of both (on clouds or on premises).
  • Integrating data, so that records from one data source map to records in another (e.g., even if one dataset uses “lastname, firstname” and another uses “fname, lname,” the integrated set will make sure both end up in the right place). This type of data groundwork is essential for analytics or other applications to be able to use the data with any success.
  • Providing integrated data to the organization exactly when the business need it, whether it is in batch, near real time or real time.

How you take benefit from data integration companies:

You have learned from your past experience that if you are not checking or handling your data, the data will override your business. But you wouldn’t write your own database or code an enterprise ERP system in your IT shop. Equally, you shouldn’t hand-code your data integration projects. You need a confirmed, mechanical, and agile data integration solution company that lets you combine or migrate data speedily, painlessly, and cost successfully—one that gives you:

Worldwide access: Can you get to the data, whether it’s in a legacy database, the cloud, Hadoop, or a mixture ecology?

Built-in data excellence: If you move inconsistent or incorrect data to a new application, will the data be cleansed? How effective will the new application be?

Vendor solidity: Invest with a proven vendor you know will be around in the future.

Business-IT partnership: You’ll want a tool that decreases the spinal and forth among business and IT so that businesses get exactly what they need, and quickly.

Why Data Integration companies:

Information Data Integration has sophisticated fragmented data—small or big, clean or dirty, complete or incomplete—into complete, dependable assets. Our approach offers:

Development quickness: Tools that make it easy for business and IT to prototype, operationalize, and reuse quickly.

Innovativeness scalability: Deployable with flexibility for enterprises, departments, or Integration Capability Centers.

Working sureness: Provides visibility and insight into your business-critical processes.

Built on the Information Platform and our Integration Competency Model, Information data integration projects are seven times faster and 60 percent more creative than hand-coded creativities.


For More Information Click Here: www.s3infotech.in

13 April 2017

Business Solution Microsoft Dynamics AX(AXAPTA) ERP Software

Business Solution Microsoft Dynamics AX(AXAPTA) ERP Software

Business Solution Microsoft Dynamics AX(AXAPTA) ERP Software

S3infotech is a leading Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner (ISO 9001:2008 certified) with core competency in implementing Business Solution Microsoft Dynamics AX and as well as our other products, CEM HR and CEM Payroll.

With more than a period of experience in the business consulting domain, we address critical business process areas for different industry verticals such as Projects, Trading, Manufacturing, Logistics etc. Having served over 300 customers worldwide across industries, we have achieved a 98.5% Customer satisfaction index and continue to produce.

The ever growing Retail industry is immensely dynamic and poses several challenges. Business Solution Microsoft Dynamics AX platform offers Solution to tackle challenges and competition.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a dynamic tool which pertains to both midsize and enterprise specialty retailers. Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail offers unrehearsed Solution through real-time access to critical data and provides complete authority over the critical activities of the retail store. Microsoft Dynamics AX helps businesses administer operations, processes and relationships, efficiently.

Business Solution Microsoft Dynamics AX captures customer behavior and transfers the information to optimize the whole chain of operations-from supply and distribution to sale. The unique end to end Solution offered, will enhance point of sale, store management, merchandising and ERP business operations through deep integration.

Microsoft Dynamics AX helps capture a larger market and a loyal customer base for retailers through seamless and steadfast connections between various channels.

Special features offered by Business Solution Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • Centralized store management ensures consistent data model and business rules across the entire chain of stores.
  • Flexible work environment helps optimize the interface for in-store capabilities.
  • Multi-channel integration to effortlessly manage payment providers, returns from online shopping. multi-channel sales promotions etc.
  • Flexible optimization for price changes, discounts, coupons etc. for sales promotion.
  • Track customer purchase behavior through data analytics from past bills, coupon redemption.

Make your entire retail management process automated and streamlined with the Business Solution Microsoft Dynamics AX software.

For More Information Click Here: http://www.s3infotech.in

30 December 2016

S3 Infotech’s Incredible Performance with Innovative Technologies

The changing digital era offers exciting opportunities for businesses to evolve their growing strategies. S3 InfoTech understands this changing landscape to provide pioneering solutions to its clients. We are a Microsoft gold partner for providing a unique service to combine CRM and ERP solutions for different industries. The recent launch of our product dynamics 365 in Ethiopia supports industries such as IT, Retail and Manufacturing in implementing data-driven decisions. We feel proud to become Africa ERP partner in providing eminent ERP and CRM solutions to our customers. Dynamics 365 is cloud software that unifies CRM or customer relationship management software that is used by salespeople to track prospects of customers; however, ERP or enterprise resource management software is used for controlling financial, manufacturing, and supply chain management. Dynamics 365 was launched by Microsoft in July 2016 under the codename ‘Madeira’.S3 Infotech is keen in supporting this product across varies industries.

Impact of Dynamics365 on ERP systems

Defining and implementing steady processes is relevant to any successful business and therefore Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a number of processes that help organizations better engage their customers, empower employees and optimize workflow to improve their productivity and customer satisfaction. We are the MS dynamics partner in India and take pride in providing ERP implementation services to our clients in much affordable price. Our product dynamics 365 in Ethiopia aids to provide time bound delivery service.

As a leading Microsoft dynamics partner, we provide IT solutions to earn customer satisfaction with the help of powerful ‘dynamics 365’. It includes both CRM and ERP for solving intricate business problems. Dynamics 365 leverages CRM and ERP capabilities in most efficient manner. It enables customers to come together and compete in an engaging manner. The data generated in ERP and CRM system helps to establish a long-term relationship with customers. S3 Infotech believes in deep technology that is combined with architecture solutions capability and integration, further helping the innovation and technology in better ways. Our collaboration with 100+ Partners and customers has given us a way to prove our potential in emerging markets leading in technologies and innovation.

Technology integrated with Cloud

S3 Infotech has recently launched its product Dynamic365 in Ethiopia and we feel extremely proud to provide excellent ERP and CRM solutions to our clients. Our product will combine ERP and CRM data so as to give a rich view of consumer interaction within an industry. Companies can optimize their data in the more convenient way. This approach will lead to increased productivity and high performance as Dynamics 365 will eliminate the need of re-entering the data in two different systems.

Our award-winning cloud platform enables you to lower the financial burdens with the optimization of data and integration service. You will no longer maintain the infrastructure of your company with this solution. The cloud deployment services will reorganize the business to create end to end solution for optimizing the resources for customer service in Retail and manufacturing industries.


We are a global company and have our offices in India and Africa. We are continuously looking forward to expanding our business with our partners and resources. Our hard work and unique effort in leveraging world class ERP and CRM solutions to our clients makes us different in many ways. Other services provide by us include Audit Optimization, Management Consultancy, and Business Process Re-Engineering. We aim to follow best practices in the industry along with strategy and innovation so that our solutions will be easily accessible to our customers. We leave no stone unturned in whatever service we offer. This makes us completely different from our competitors.